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The Ep IX trailer release made me think of how I should probably spend the rest of the year writing (and reading) all the kylux fanfic I never got to, before it’s ~too late… Like I know there's no such thing as too late in fandom and I've ignored canon for my ships before (see: HP) but it's not the same...

...I think for me the fear is not so much that Hux will die - character death is not a problem, really. (A friend of mine and I have a joke that I’m specifically attracted to “Dead Boyfriend” ships, i.e. where one half dies at some point.) It’s more the fear that they will become legit enemies. Not menacing rivals who are, however, still on the same side of the war, but legit enemies on different sides. That Kylo will have a redemption arch and fight against Hux ideologically. Kind of how the ship lost a lot of people after TLJ because they felt the ship had crossed a line where they couldn’t imagine an actual emotional connection anymore. (I didn’t have this issue with TLJ but I also didn’t think anything in the ship changed fundamentally) So character death isn’t my fear. I’m prepared for that. But “yea clearly I can’t twist things enough to pretend they actually secretly care about each other even in a weird twisted way” is something that could very well happen.
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Ep 8.1
  • Am I tripping or are the beginning credits a bit different this season??
  • That first 10 mins of every new season you spend recalling what happened last season that everyone is where they are now…
  • Dany and Sansa meeting - yoooo. That is one really shippable/supercharged moment. (Not even my ship at all but DAMN.)
  • Little Lord Umber is adorable but also…like…terrifying that this little kid is in charge of war preparations? Isn’t there an adult to be regent or something?
  • This show is so pretty, tbh. Like that Arya and Jon scene is so #aesthetic.
  • Theon and Asha Yara! <33
  • “Without her we don’t stand a chance.” Like, you’re not necessarily wrong, Jon, but I’d have less of an urge to roll my eyes if you weren’t fucking her xD
    • (Ooooh and Sansa sees your shit, Jon!)

Ep 8.2
  • Podric has really grown up into a fine young man.
  • Every Sans & Dany scene is so supercharged. (I kinda like it.)
  • Love love love seeing Sansa in a commanding position. It’s really such a nice payoff after everything that’s happened to her.
  • Jaime and Tyrion warm my heart <3 (Too bad it won’t be such easy sailing in the books for them given what happens at their parting…)
  • Jon, telling Daenerys about your heritage and all right before this bigass battle is MAYBE not the best idea. Like, everyone needs to be keeping their head in the game, not angsting over their inheritance rights.
  • So much fanservice in this ep - Arya/Gendry, Jaime knighting Brienne (still will never ship this, but that’s neither here nor there)
  • IDK, I thought the sweetness of Sansa’s and Theon’s reunion was a little sudden. Given that Theon turned against her family and  overran her castle and all that…

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So apparently, there’s a recent Russian tv show with a conceit similar to Bednaya Nastya, but less soapy (as evidenced by having only 18 episodes and not like…3 million.) But it’s only less soapy, because it looks, from the summaries, that there is that same soapy black-and-white split between Bad characters and Good characters. Like the show looks really pretty and it’s a period drama and all but… a) not a fan of black-and-white good/bad character splits (it’s just bad writing tbh) and b) I (unfortunately?) find saccharine het couples nauseating (and boring).

ETA: I watched 3 eps, read all the ep summaries and watched just enough of the last ep to see that they killed off my fave. Ok then :/

On the other hand, second season of Godunov has been pretty good :)
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This post was originally posted on tumblr in response to another post that asked if anyone knew of various portrayals of German nobles, including those who married into German noble families. Luckily, the Russian royal family starting with the mid-18th century is a goldmine for German nobility; and, luckily too, Russia loves making period dramas about the Romanovs. (For ease, I’m gonna go in chronological order here.)

[Note that there are gifs in this post.]


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  • Welllllll Ep 4 was kind of a mess. Courf was honestly the best thing about it <3
  • What a weird Enjolras, btw.
  • (TBH I actually like this Cosette more than book!Cosette or musical!Cosette but she is just that slight shade of OOC sometimes which is…unnerving.)
  • I understand why some of the Valjean moments happen - I think there’s been a bit of idealization of this character by fandom, but also some of it is also just a product of needing to externalize some of the things that happen in internal POV or in narrative. But then there weird shit like…Valjean taking Cosette to see the prisoners on purpose when he was clearly horrified at her having seen them in the book. Like…wtf.
  • All the sexual stuff they did with Eponine is nuts and unnecessary. Let my bb girl be.
  • The barricade scenes were actually really good! (Did not have a lot of hope for that.) Lots of great moments between Enjolras and Courf, somewhat unexpectedly.
  • But honestly…I wanted more Marius/Courf moments xD
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I saw The Favorite last weekend and I’m glad I did! It was an interesting movie - kind of unusual, you know? It was really pretty and the acting was good. It was also fun to see three women to play out a story that would typically play about between a man and two woman (or maybe a woman and two men, though much less often, I’d say).

It’s probably not the kind of thing I’d get fannish about, so to speak. I didn’t find any of the characters particularly likeable or personally relateable. But I def enjoyed the movie for what it was.
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I'm not sure if I'm ever going to do this, but I'll leave the table here just in case.


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Les Mis 2018
Ep 1 was like “this is so much better than what you did with W&P, Davies, wtf you assholw.” And then Ep 2 was like “ok, now I can tell this is an Andrew Davies Adaptation (TM().” I still think it does its book canon more justice than the W&P adaptation did. (The casting is def way better, at the very east.) For now, anyway.

I can’t believe there are only 4 eps left though and we’ve already had 2 and Valjean hasn’t even picked up Cosette yet… The pacing is going to get FUCKED real soon isn’t it? (Or are they just gonna cut out just about everything with Les Amis? I mean they prob gotta keep at least some of it to make some of Marius’ pl’ plotline work + Eponine’s death, right? Like I know it’s not the most important part of the book or anything like that but…. Esp. given how much time they spent on Fantine/Felix when that could have easily taken up a third of the time it did.)

Vanity Fair 2018
It was gooood. Def better than the 2004 movie but I still prefer the 1998 miniseries. Dobbin is so cute in this one, I love him <3 (He and George don’t have nearly enough chemistry tho :( Also, agh, George was extra awful in this.)

Godunov 2018

I was afraid it was going to be like Sophia - visually appealing but kinda boring. However, it has been quite good! Not nearly as good as Ekaterina or Bloody Lady, but still good :D I hope they get on with it and give us season 2 soon!

Tsar Boris

Saw this on stage in Moscow the other week. Very solid production. Me being me, I spend the majority of the play kinda lowkey shipping Fyodor/Christian.

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Note: I'm not counting the two original fics I wrote in any of this.

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The following is a list of my Harry Potter fanfics that are set in eras other than the Marauders/First War era. For fics set in that timeframe please see the FWW FICS INDEX. Fics are separated into Pre-Marauders, Trio Era, Post-Hogwarts, NextGen and Cross-Era categories and listed alphabetically by title in each section. This is a very shorthand index, the paring and rating are included, but please follow the link for the summary and any warnings the fic may contain.

Pre-Marauders )
Trio Era )
Post-Hogwarts )

NextGen )

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The following is a list of my Harry Potter fanfics that are set in the Marauders/First War era (roughly the 1970s and early 1980s). For fics in other eras or that span several eras see OTHER ERAS FICS LIST. Fics are separated into Gen/Het/Slash/Femslash categories and listed alphabetically by title in each section. This is a very shorthand index, the paring and rating are included, but please follow the link for the summary and any warnings the fic may contain.


Gen )

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I find it interesting how Grigoriy R (2014 miniseries) and the 2011 Rasputin movie characterize the Felix/Dmitri dynamic differently. Aside from it just being more explicit in the miniseries whereas in the movie it seems to be almost like a “past” affair that has settled back into a close friendship, it’s also kinda different in who has the upper hand in the relationship, so to speak.

Like, in the miniseries, Felix is clearly in charge of things. He teases Dmitri, including about their relationship, and seems very comfortable with where they are and where he stands in this dynamic (though still being very much affectionate and protective). But then in the 2011 movie I kinda get the sense that Felix is more desperate for that relationship and Dmitri is…somewhat less invested? Just like…Felix asks him to go to that party with him and he sounds actually kinda really hopeful and Dmitri says “no.” And then also at the end, after Dmitri shoots Rasputin, he walks over and gives Felix a hug (who desperately needs one going by his face) and Felix just like…clings to him. And Dmitri pulls away first (and touches Felix’s face and Felix leans into that too). I just feel like these two canons have a somewhat different read on this relationship and, as a shipper, that’s the kinda shit I find interesting. Clearly xD

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Boris - fair hair - book 1 chap 11

Natasha - “black” hair - book 1 chap 11

Nikolai - dark hair implicitly, as he is growing a dark mustache - book 1 chap 11

Sonya - brunette - book 1, chap 12

Mlle. Bourienne - blonde, fair haired - book 1 chap 26

Dolokhov - fair hair - book 2 chap 2

Anatole - light brown (Russian word is “rusiye”) - book 3 chap 4

Lise - dark hair - book 4 chap 9

Andrei - brunette - book 6, chap 15

Balaga - fair hair - book 8 chap 16

Nikolai Bolkonsky Jr. - light brown - first epilogue, chap 12
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  • Objection! Why is there no objection?! 
  • (No, you can’t object to that/like that.) 
  • Your ass would so get sanctioned for that. 
  • THAT IS NOT WHAT EX PARTE MEANS. (Did the writers forget how google works?)  
  • Haha clever. But would never realistically be heard in a trial court. Trial judges are allergic to novel legal theories and shenanigans. Too much chance of getting overturned on appeal. 
  • OH STFU. This is a court proceeding not a political campaign rally. Stop. 
  • No one uses e-mail nearly enough in this show.  
  • Why are you looking up garden-variety caselaw in PRINT BOOKS? Does the IT guy been to come and fix the WiFi? (Weatlaw? Lexis? Ring a bell?)
  • No, it’s not cool that you sold out your cliet! Wut. 
  • No one bothered to prep this witness, huh?
  • No one ever lays foundation for anything, unless it’s a plot point. 
  • No one ever asks for extensions on discovery. Which is hilarious. And feels like literal magic sometimes.
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First, because that’s more interesting. And second because it’s far more realistic, ffs. (When I wrote On Your Honor, which was my first real CP fic, one of the things it was about was thia - that Aimeric’s motivations were multilayered - though I don’t think anyone really noticed or cared.)

It makes sense for a lot of reasons, other than just…people usually don’t do a thing this big for one single reason, especially when that reason is “win back an old lover.”

  • Aimeric breaks down way too easily when Laurent confronts him with the truth about the Regent. Which, to me, says that he knew really, that he wasn’t going to get back from the Regent whatever affection he instinctively sought, based on an early teenage experience. Laurent is good at ripping people up and all, but this is too quick even for him. Aimeric could not have been that convincing of a spy for so long if he was that easily broken of a conviction he, supposedly, held firmly. Even if he had started with this conviction, it must have gotten eroded along the way, long before Laurent and his “interrogation.” But then…if that had been his ONLY reason for doing what he’s doing, why stay? Why not defect to Laurent, or rather, to Jord? I suppose it’s arguable that Aimeric just doesn’t think Laurent can win, but he didn’t need to continue doing a difficult and dangerous job to hedge his bets. He could have pretended to be compromised at one point or another and gone back. I’m willing to bet that his father was powerful enough to protect him from many significant backlash. Or, you know, he could have become a double agent - that’s the best way of playing both sides, though dangerous, sure.
  • Aimeric hates Laurent and I don’t think it’s about jealousy. There’s absolutely no indication that Aimeric, or anyone, knows about the Regent and Laurent. And, honestly, Laurent is pretty hateable from the point of view of an in-universe anyone who doesn’t either have the hots for Laurent or isn’t somehow otherwise bound to him like, say, Jord. Laurent does enough shit that you’d expect a rank-and-file courtier to look at him and think “what an asshole.” I think this is supported well enough by the fact that the Regent’s political faction is significantly larger than Laurent’s, as Damen observes, despite the fact that everyone apparently thinks it’s kinda weird that the Regent fucks 11 year olds. (Though, tbh, Vere’s cultural standards around this aren’t superb at all.)
  • But even besides personal dislike…Aimeric is the son of a Southern Lord. The South would have suffered the most in the war with Alkeilos and stands to suffer the most again if there is another war. The Regent puts himself forward as the man who understands and values peace with their ~war-hungry~ southern neighbor - and apparently knows how to keep it - but also understands the value of security, border duty, and a ~healthy, active distrust and dislike of Alkeilons. Laurent has the political, and otherwise, image of not caring about any of that, of shirking border duty, of being a potential diplomatic disaster (e.g. Damen’s beating), and generally only caring about his own comfort and pleasure. Etc, in this vein. I doubt ANYONE in the South like Laurent very much or wants to support him politically.
  • Also, the other part of that was “I did it for my family.” Aimeric knows his father (and maybe a brother or three) have thrown in with the Regent. Aimeric can’t change or control that. But, given what kind of person Laurent is, Aimeric would be pretty certain that losing to Laurent would mean devastation to his family. “He thinks you’ll destroy his family.” And Laurent replies affirmatively. It’s not an empty suspicion. Aimeric isn’t stupid (fight me). If he wants to protect his family, Laurent can’t win. 
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22 (looks 17), rich, very pretty, doesn’t drink, probably gay (or ace… I wish), is a bit fanatical about the French Revolution, is kind of a prude/twat (?(.


An incremental progressive and pacifist, methodical and phlegmatic  

Jean Prouvaire

A romantic (!), rich, shy and a bit awkward, “intrepid.”


Works as a fanmaker, is preoccupied with national self-determination esp. of countries outside France, will never get over the partition of Poland apparently.


Witty, playful and good-humored (but not an asshole, mind), warm  


Chatty and sociable, always down for a fight apparently, spendthrift and seems to be without much direction in general, pretty smart though

Laigle (“Bossuet”)

Bald at 25, lost his inheritance in a bad speculation, always unlucky in everything, good-humored esp. in misfortune, inventive, sleeps on his friend’s couches primarily at Joly’s


23, medical student, has some weird ideas re: electrical currents and magnetism, agreeable but eccentric


The skeptic, very unattractive, likes to drink and flirt with women?), basically in love with Enjolras

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1.  I understand why people like them. In fact, I think they have a nice, shippable dynamic. If they’re canon, I won’t break them up in fic unless I have to (e.g. for the sake of the primary ship).

2. They are very cute! They’re canon I think they should stay together – I’m rooting for them to work out their issues. (However, if they do break up, I won’t be devastated.)

3. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time I see them in fanworks/canon. Sometimes, I’ll do a quick search for them to see if any pretty fanart/promos pop up. I get a little excited about their scenes in canon.

4. This used to be my OTP like…several years ago. I still remember all the reasons why I loved them and I never changed my mind about them but since then a lot of the shine has worn off and I’ve moved on to greener pastures (usually in totally different fandoms). But they will always live in my heart <3


5. Like #4, but I still sometimes go into their tag/look for a fanwork to consume/will write a small ficlet or draw a sketch of them when the nostalgia is really strong.

6. I’ve read a fic or two, maybe even wrote one, once. I’ve betaed some short fics about them for a good friend whose OTP they are. I enjoy looking at pretty art of them, but usually don’t have enough interest for fic, especially if it’s long.

7. I have created some fanworks for them and have read a number of fics. I sometimes have discussions with friends or fandom communities in general about this ship. There are several ships I love more but this is often a “second choice.” Put them as backgrounds ship into fics about other ships without fail. If they have a will-they-won’t-they dynamic in canon I’ll be pretty upset if they don’t end up together.


8. One of my absolute fave ships! OTP or at least the het/slash/fem OTP of their fandom. Create and/or consume fanworks or make posts about them frequently. Think about them frequently. Consistently, but not always, request/offer in exchanges or prompt fests.

9. Love them SOO much! OTP in that fandom! Have read most fics about them, constantly looking for more fanworks to consume, create fanworks about them constantly, request/offer in every exchange, talk to all my friends about them, participate actively in fandom meta/discussions (or at least read them, if I’m shy/anxious), think about them a LOT.


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So, I saw someone say that the fact that Natasha’s mother’s maiden name was Shinshin (Shinshina, actually – Shinshin is an anglicization) means that she “isn’t white.” Now…this confused me a bit because even when I was reading the book (in Russian) the first time, the last name didn’t sound particularly foreign to me. But I decided to poke around some Russian resources and see what I could find re: the name’s origins.

 The information is really pretty scarce because this is not a common last name. But. It seems like this is actually a Ukrainian-origin last name. Now, I did read a theory that the root word of the name is a Ukrainianization of a Circassian word meaning horseless/one who lacks horses (i.e. is of small means). I…can’t say how reliable this theory is, but it’s not improbably: there would have been plenty of cultural exchange in that area, especially in, what we would think of as, the late Renaissance/early Enlightenment period, especially via the Crimean Tatars. So, it’s possible that a long-ago ancestor of someone with the last name Shinshin would have been a Circassian or a Tatar. But…again, even in this theory the word is a Ukranianized version and the name itself is considered Ukrainian, not Tatar or Circassian.

 Oh, but while we’re on the subject of various Southern Russian/Ukrainian and Turkish ethnicities – I’ve also seen people point out that the text will occasionally mention Natasha’s mother having “Oriental” (literal translation being “Eastern”) features (though Natasha doesn’t seem to have inherited them.) This is a really vague description – in Russia people will use this description loosely. Anything like narrow-ish eyes or high ~Mongolian cheekbones can get your features labeled as Asian. Interestingly enough, some, otherwise very Slavic (lineage and looks wise), Russian people will sometimes have certain facial features that look distinctly Mongolian/Turkish. (This is the case with my mom and I.) I haven’t done any kind of academic research on this, but like…Russia spent a ton of time under Mongol occupation. It was all the way back when but genes are a funny thing – they sometimes pop up many generations later.

 But also, Asian (or “Eastern”) doesn’t necessarily refer to Far Eastern (like China, Japan, Korea, etc). in conversation, people will often refer to “Eastern” (e.g. “eastern looks,” “eastern culture,” “eastern customs”) to also refer to a broad concept of Asian, i.e. Turkish or Arabic/Middle Eastern. Everyone can get kinda lumped together in this definition, though, admittedly, the most common usage does refer to Far East Asia. It seems most likely to me, at any rate, that if Natasha’s mother’s family did have some non-Slavic roots (though, I would argue, these would have been a few generations back), they are more likely to be Circassian or Mongolian or Tatar or some other ethnicity along those lines.

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I remember always thinking - like back in HS and whatnot - how overdramatic Romeo and Juliette were for killing themselves. Like, ok, the person you’re in love with dying is obviously a terrible thing but killing yourself on the spot is indeed pretty overdramatic. But thinking about it now…even though the focus in both pop culture and lit class is always on their “iconic” love story and how they couldn’t live without each other (and their speeches in the death scene support this)…it’s really not just that.

Like, no wonder Romeo kills himself, honestly. In a span of a few days: his best friend dies; he has to go into exiled and is separated from his home, family and friends; the girl he’s in love with dies; AND he’ll probably have go back into/stay in exile still. Like. That is an incredible amount of grief and isolation for anyone, not to mention a 16-17 year old to handle.

And Juliette… has the dead boyfriend and dead cousin, who, IIRC she did love, and while she doesn’t have the exile part, they’re marrying her off to a dude she doesn’t like, i.e. she’s living in anticipation of being raped repeatedly aka “marital duties.” And she’s like, what, 13?

So yea. Makes sense.
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All the freaking out in Kylux fandom about whether the ship is still “ok” or not is just frankly ??? to me. What…exactly changed? That we saw Kylo and Hux’s dislike for each other have a physical manifestation? Come on, guys. It’s not abuse when two people (who aren’t particularly good people, either, which lbr, we knew already) who have a negative relationship with each other/dislike each other get into a fight.

It’s not abuse when there’s no reasonable expectation of trust between the parties or an inherent power imbalance with a social expectation of caretaking (mainly adult and child). Hux isn’t a helpless child - he’s a sharp and trained military commander He can hold his own against Kylo as much as any other non-Force sensitive and Force-sensitive and non-Force sensitives have gone to battle with each other often.

The first time Kylo chokes Hux is more a physical manifestation of a power struggle. Like any fight/battle. The second episode - the wall thing – is a bit more iffy in that Kylo has social power re/; being the Supreme Leader…but…honestly? His position at that point was NOT stable. If Hux had wanted an insta-coup I bet he could have had it. At any rate, the army is conditioned to obey him first - Hux isn’t powerless, but he has chosen to, at least for that time, submit to Kylo. (Perhaps because they’re in the middle of an f-ing crisis…)

I wonder if 2 years of fanon and AUs has made the fandom collectively lose some perspective, but we KNEW after TFA that Hux and Kylo had an axe to grind with each other and we KNEW that Kylo was not above hurting people/using the Force for intimidation. Essentially, nothing has changed. The core of enemies-to-lovers is that they start out as ENEMIES. Enemies fight and hurt each other. Come on. Not every inappropriate/shitty use of force on another is abuse. All this means is that the development  of their relationship toward friendship/romance may need to be shifted to after TLJ as opposed to directly post-TFA. “They’re not romantic anymore” When were they EVER romantic in canon?  If you thought Kylix was fine after TFA, I really don’t get what the problem is now.


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