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Dear Femslashx Author,

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the time and effort that you are willing to put into making my gift :) I’m very excited for this fest and I hope you find this letter to be at least somewhat helpful/inspiring. I’ve included my general likes and dislikes as well as specific preferences and prompts for each fandom I’ve requested.


-I’m good with het, fem and slash for background/secondary ships.
-All ratings up to R.
-A focus on the romantic/emotional aspect of a relationship and some semblance of a plot/point rather than just sex.
-Unrequited (or secretly requited) pining.
-Complicated relationship dynamics, love triangles, relationships that take some effort/time to work, loving each other but because [insert reasons here] not always being able to be together/communicate those feelings, etc in this vain.
-UST. Eventually resolved is probably better than not, however, not a must-have.
-Conversely from the above – romantic partners who just can’t help but adore each other.

-Threesomes/moresomes and polyamory.
-Incest (unless specifically asked for or canon).
-Parings with large age disparity (over 15 years) unless specifically asked for.
-Pedophilia (please keep minors in sexual relationships with adults 16 and over; if both partners are teens 14-15 is ok if treated appropriately).
-NC-17 and PWPs
-BDSM, omegaverse, and most kink. (NOT included in this: foreplay; bantery/lighthearted roleplay for the purposes of foreplay; preferences for a certain sexual position, fascination with a partner’s physical trait, such as, e.g., preferring redheads or virgins or younger partners or being fascinated by someone’s shoulders; rough/aggressive/desperate sex or outside-of-bedroom inequalities that transfer into the bedroom, even though there may be pining down of wrists or some other element that could be considered a kink or part of BDSM.)
-Foot fetishes (I know I said liking specific body parts is fine, but ah, feet are the exception).
-Humiliation (both sexual and not)
-Non-con/rape (dub-con that leans toward/ends up as consensual is ok).
-Mpreg; cross-dressing; genderbending/genderswap.

Genres/Themes (and such):
-Angst, drama. (Generally, I’m ok with dark!fic too, but please don’t try to use this as a challenge to see how many angst/dark tropes you can fit into a single fic. I enjoy dark themes and things like character death don’t bother me, but if it feels like it’s just a marathon of horrible things happening with no light anywhere to be seen…that might be a little too intense for me.)
-Humor is fun too, but I like it more as an element in the story rather than a story that sets out to be funny first and foremost.
-Hurt/comfort (primarily for m/m).
-LOYALTY KINK! Themes of loyalty in general.
-Fluff, banter, cuddling/snuggling, kissing, general adorableness (and adoration!).
-Well-rounded characters, characters with emotions/sympathetic motives; the “other side of the story”.
-Politics, intrigue.

-Crack!fic, parody.
-Radical AUs that subvert the universe (eg: genderswaping the cast, setting a modern fandom as a fairytale, turning a historical fandom all Sifi, etc. This includes stuff like A/B/O and inserting magic/supernatural elements into a non-magic/supernatural universe).
-Crossovers (not counting specific crossover requests of course).
-Character bashing; intentional OOCness.
-Humiliation; any sort of glorification of bullying, or bullying being excused/condoned in the narrative (this includes things like victim blaming, etc).
-Narrative implications that “sex = love” or that romantic partners HAVE to have sex to have a “valid” relationship or to be “really” in love with each other.



Once Upon a Time
Mulan/Aurora: This is my OUAT OTP <3 I love the idea of a Princess/Knight dynamic and all the potential for loyalty kink.

Some ideas:
-Storybrooke AU where Mulan and Aurora were part of the 1st curse. What are their cursed selves like? Do their cursed selves get along? What if their cursed selves fall in love and then they get their memories back and Aurora figures out she should be with/married to Phillip but…she’s still in love with Mulan anyway.
-Mulan serving in Aurora’s royal guard and then Phillip is killed in the course of a war and Mulan is left to comfort Aurora and help her protect the kingdom.
-Some AU or future-fic where Aurora and Mulan are raising little!Phillip together. (Prince Phillip is either dead or he and Aurora figured out that they actually romantically love other people and split up amicably.)
-What would Aurora’s and Mulan’s wedding look like? (Preference for fairytale land setting as opposed to Storybrooke/our world setting.)
-Pining! All the Pining! I’m aware this isn’t an actual prompt but Mulan’s canon pining for Aurora is adorable <3

A note: this might sound picky, but I really do like Phillip/Aurora and I hate having to leave him high-and-dry. So my preference is that either he dies for whatever reasons before Aurora and Mulan get together OR he and Aurora figure out that while they are great friends and love each other dearly, they are actually romantically attracted to members of their own gender and thus split up. You don’t have to dedicate a lot of time to this, like a throwaway line is fine. Also, please no AUs where Mulan/Aurora try to save Phillip from the wraith and fail or similar things. Thinking that that is his fate just kills the mood for me. There are more humane ways of getting the guy out of the way, seriously.)



Teen Wolf
Allison/Lydia: My TW OTP <3 I love how girly and also kickass they were/could be together. I love how gorgeous and girly and yet very smart Lydia is. And I also love how feminine and yet lethal Allison is, especially with that bow. Allison dying was a very low point for me in the show and I’m all for Allison-lives AUs :)

Some ideas:
-Sleepovers, shopping, going to prom/homecoming together.
-Casefic where they have to deal with a supernatural creature/threat.
-Future!fic. Domesticity is always nice. So are weddings. And what are they doing after getting out of Beacon Hills anyway? What are their jobs like, they’re daily life as a couple and as individuals.
-Allison teaches Lydia how to shoot a bow (or a gun).  
-Lydia coping with Allison’s death. Or, for something related but a little less raw – set it a few years down the row, maybe on the anniversary of their first kiss or whatever, for a more nostalgic, bittersweet mood/tone.


War and Peace
Amelie Bourienne/Lise Bolkonsky: From canon: “When the little princess had grown accustomed to life at Bald Hills, she took a special fancy to Mademoiselle Bourienne, spent whole days with her, asked her to sleep in her room, and often talked with her about the old prince and criticized him.” – Book 3, Chap 3.

Basically, I was doing a canon re-read and somehow managed to latch onto this. I really like historical femslash (and slash), especially when the participating parties ascribe pretty much everything they do to like…some sort of exalted friendship or something, but it’s also obvious that there is so much more going on. Also, I just really like Lise and I feel like canon dealt her a rotten hand – her husband is an asshole to her, she has to live with her terrifying father-in-law and in almost complete seclusion, and then she dies. Like wtf? I feel like Amelie was Lise’s only real comfort in Bald Hills. Like, Maria was nice to her, but they’re very different. I don’t have any concrete prompts but, IDK, an expansion on anything in that quote, something Lise-focused, is Amelie scheming or is she just genuinely into Lise? I’d just be interested in pretty much any story exploring the potential in this ship.


Suits x Law and Order: SVU
Dana Scott/Casey Novak: Lawyer girls! Seriously, nothing hotter than gorgeous lawyer girls kicking ass in the courtroom and falling in love at the same time.

 Some Ideas:
-Working on a case together (maybe Dana becomes a D.A. or Casey goes into private practice). Maybe they want to work together to begin with because they have a crush on each other or maybe they actually don’t because they’re in competition for a promotion/their work styles clash.
-Litigating a case against each other.
-Late-night study sessions in law school; preparing/stressing over the bar/getting jobs after graduation. Who steals whose outlines during 1L? (I don’t think we ever find out where Casey went to LS in canon.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not insisting on a casefic or something with lots of legal stuff in it. I just want these two falling in love in or adjacent to the high-paced professional environment that they both obviously love/are committed to, even if you handwave most of the legal stuff. God knows Suits does it a lot. (Though, as a note, handwavy-most-of-anything-important-happens-behind-the-scenes is waaaay better than utterly-wrong-over-dramatic-what-are-rules-of-evidence ala HTGAWM.)




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