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I'm blanking. On plot. For a fic with my fav DE boys. What is this?

Well...on a happier note here's a picture from me that I'm actually very happy with :)  (Not HP related lol).

Jeremy Benson/Angel Knight from an RP :)

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So, I cast Till as Angel Knight, an rp/original fiction character of mine that I love very much :) This picspan is mostly gonna serve the purpose of reff pics but um yea... lol.
Mini Lucas/Angel Picspam )
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No matter how much I try I can’t understand.
I’d give you the world, my heart, my hand
Is the world blind, are people insane
Am I the only one who can’t look away
Who’s drawn by your eyes and knows what you’re worth
Who knows it’s the best that you deserve
Am I alone in the faith and the love
That I give; you take, but it’s never enough
How worthless are tears
They can’t wash away pain
How worthless is love
If all that is left after is blame
Rain is a bastard and the sun is a fool
It never ends, the truth is too cruel
The unworthy are always the one’s who win
The stupid, the cruel, the rotten within
While true honorable men who love with their heart
Are discarded and broken apart
Are forgone for the traitors, the abusers, the liars
Because women are apparently in love with that fire
And if a man’s honest – he’s trying too hard
Nobody cares what lies in his heart
Am I the only one who knows you’re the priceless sort
Why do they force you to make your heart a fort
I have one thing to say, even if it makes the world fall
One simple truth; I love you
That’s all


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