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Title: Ides of March
Author: [personal profile] alley_skywalker 
Lily/OMC, Albus/Scorpius, Lysander/Scorpius (one-sided)
Word Count: 20,480
Rating: PG-13
Contains (Highlight to view): Elitist political ideology.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Many years have passed since the last Wizarding War but not all wounds have healed. Some, like Lily Potter, are bravely attempting to build bridges between the two sides, but not everyone is ready to move on. A revolution is brewing and it has all the potential to tear apart the tentative peace.
[Unknown site tag]Notes:  The lovely [personal profile] lemonade8  drew this lovely art of Lily and Amiri for my fic. Fic was written for the NextGen BigBang on LJ.

Ides of March )
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Title: You and Me and How It Ends
Author: alley_skywalker
Fandom: War and Peace
Characters/Parings: Theodore Dolokhov/Anatole Kuragin; Helene Kuragin, Pierre Bezukhov, Galina Dolokhov, others in cameos
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character Death
Word Count: ~12,300
Summary: After his unsuccessful elopement attempt with Natasha, Anatole has to leave Moscow without getting a chance to make things right with Theodore. They struggle through the rift, pride and confusion battling love and a need to be together. And when it seems their love might pull through after all, the war starts and makes its own claims.
Notes: Written for the History Big Bang on livejournal. My wonderful artist, looneyngilo2, has created this lovely fanmix for this fic.

You and Me and How It Ends )

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Day two and all caught up with [community profile] snowflake_challenge .

So, now we're supposed to rec a 3 (or more) fanworks, and we are urged to make them things that are not likely to receive lots of attention -- small fandoms, rare parings, new authors, etc. I decided, for the sake of the challenge, to step away from fic and rec three fanvids. These aren't the flashyest vids EVAH or anything, but they make me happy every single time.

В полшаге (Half a Step Away) by VlLensky
Bednaya Nastia (Poor Nastia) - Vladimir/Mikhail
It's simple but lovely and seeing these two slashed reminds me EXACTLY why I spent so much time watching this soap opera of a show -- the boys are beautiful and the vid does a great job in capturing their eternal angst.

With All of my Heart
by cffc
Brideshead Revisited - Charles/Sebastian.
This is one of my favorite, if not most favorite, Brideshead vids. It's simple but adorable and sweet and so true to these two and their obviously epic love :)

BIS by kzero666
Russian Pop RPF - Vlad/Dima
Basically slash for the duet BiS. They were pretty big in Russian RPF/RPS fandom a few years back, true, but they've gone quite after the group split up and, honestly, like no one knows about them in English Speaking fandom anyway lol. This video is the first vid I saw for these two and I think this has something to do with why I love it so much - first love and all that.

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So.LJ is down, has been for a few days. I know some people have been able to get on from time to time, but I haven't at all. It's frustrating. Not enough to make me leave the place or anything, since huge outages aren't actually that often, but when they do occur, I go through withdrawal. So, to lessen the effects at least a tad, I'm posting here! (Yuletide has been revealed but I'm gonna wait until LJ is running again to do a post-reveals post.)

First Day of [community profile] snowflake_challenge   .

SELF RECS :D Basically, a time to be Narcissistic lol. So, anyway, here are my top-10 faves of my fics. They're not the most popular ones but they're the ones I feel are the best (or that I just like most...) In alphabetical order by title:

Before the Storm (Harry Potter; Antonin/Bellatrix, Andromeda/Ted, Lucius Narcissa, Rodolphus/Bellatrix)
Long and plotty. Covers my headcanon for the Black sisters and their relationships in the couple of years directly before the First War. I'm generally happy with the writing here and finally I've also produced something with a real plot lol.

Behold (Star Wars; Obi-Wan/Anakin)
This one is older. It won an award for Best Poem in the Saga category on TFN in the 2008 awards. Technically, it can be read as gen if you like (I mean, I did post it on TFN lol). I really do like this one. I remember I wrote a huge chunk of it in my head in the shower...yea my mind works like that lol.

Dear Agony (Harry Potter; Scorpius/Lysander, Draco/Ernie)
I like my writing in this, that's all I can say.

In Love and War (Harry Potter; Antonin/Pansy, Draco/Pansy)
Like Before the Storm there's all that length and plot to be proud of. I feel like I rushed it a bit at the end, but it works, it really works. This one covers the Second Wizarding War. As for the Antonin/Pansy's mostly UST so no Lolita-esque awkwardness lol.

My Better Half (Eugene Onegin; Onegin/Lensky)
Again, I really just like my writing in this one. And the sex scene managed to not be terribly awkward.

Our Beautiful Disaster (Harry Potter; Severus/Evan)
Another one of those fics that's just solid. I like the writing and the pacing. Pacing, I think. is the one thing I struggle with.

Seasons (Harry Potter; Lily/Alice)
I wanted to include a femslash fic? I like the imagery here most. It's quite solid, IMO.

Reasons (Harry Potter; Severus, Regulus, Barty, Evan, Antonin, OCs)
I've tried to write the whole 'why the FWW DEs became DE' type thing a few times, but I think this is the best all around. The boys represented here cover all the different types for me -- the younger son who is willing to please, the half-blood who hasn't had a good experience with muggles, the son of liberal Purebloods who wants to be proud of his heritage but is made to feel ashamed plus doesn't have enough raport and and support at home, the happy Pureblood who has only seen the worst of muggles and is honestly convinced that the world's evils come from them, etc.

The Color Red (War and Peace; Dolokhov/Anatole)
Yes, I like my writing here, it's my OTP and it's just a fic I feel all warm and fuzzy about.

Whisky in the Snow (War and Peace; Dolokhov/Anatole)
I wrote this at 6AM after pulling an all nighter, Despite that, it came easily and the writing is good. Aside from the poem, this is the shortest piece on this list, but I think that's part of it's strength -- packing lots of emotion into a small amount of text.

I also wanna give an honorable mention to my You and Me series. War and Peace; multiple parings but mostly slash. I wouldn't call this an overall best sample of my writing per se, but the epic proportions of this (relative to my usual) is still impressing me. I'm hoping to get the 3

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Title: Rejection, Manipulation, Hope
Author: [personal profile] alley_skywalker 
Word Count: 10,188
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Sergei/Angel, Sergei/Eric
Warnings: social and internalized homophobia, abusive (mainly emotionally) relationship, cutting
Summary: Sergei’s first love was a disaster. His first relationship isn’t turning out to be much better. But maybe, through all the confusion and helplessness, there’s a way to find hope.

Rejection, Manipulation, Hope )
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I'm blanking. On plot. For a fic with my fav DE boys. What is this?

Well...on a happier note here's a picture from me that I'm actually very happy with :)  (Not HP related lol).

Jeremy Benson/Angel Knight from an RP :)

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Tag: [info]helenvalentine 

Fanart! My drawing/digital coloring skills are....minimal. However, sometimes I just can't help it :D

Fandom: War and Peace
Paring: Theodore Dolokhov/Anatole Kuragin (the OTP :D)

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Title: At the End of the World
Author: Alley_Skywalker
Characters/Pairings: Evan Rosier/Angelus Wilkes
Rating: PG
Warnings: (very light) Slash
Word Count: 1,227
Summary: Lord Voldemort has fallen, the Hunts have begun and neither Evan nor Wilkes can do anything against the tide that means to wash them out to sea…
Notes: Written for[ profile] deatheaterfest 

There is fic here )
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Title: Doubts and Lies
Author: Alley_Skywalker
Pairing: Regulus/Severus (implied), Igor Karkaroff, OC
Rating: PG
Warnings: implied slash
Summary: Maybe they’re only lying to each other. Maybe to themselves as well.

Here there be fic :) )
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Was going through some of the old files on my computer and found a fanfic outline for a Romeo and Juliet fic that a friend of mine and I were going to co-write and never did. It goes like this:

-Romeo and Juliet are together. Juliet loves Romeo but Romeo loves Mercutio.
-Mercutio loves Romeo but thinks Romeo is straight (lots of angst to be relished).
-Tibolt develops dark lustful feelings for Romeo but doesn't dare to go after him in fear of the wrath of his cousin Juliet who could expose him to the world out of revenge.
-Romeo realizes that he loves Mercutio too much and can't stay with Juliet anymore. He leaves her but doesn't explain why.
-Juliet runs crying to Tibolt about how Romeo left her "for another woman"
-Romeo and Mercutio admit to each other that they love each other. (Fluff alert!)
-Tibolt finds out about Romeo's affair with Mercutio. He tells Juliet.
-Juliet wants to have revenge on Romeo and Mercutio and expose them to the public but Tibolt doesn't want anything to happen to Romeo until he (Tibolt) has had what is his. He promises Juliet that he will get Mercutio out of the way.

It's truly scandalous isn't it? :p I remember it was supposed to be a dark!fic with rape involved but a relatively happy hurt/comfort mush/fluff ending. Knowing my friend, he probably would have talked me into smut as well *rolls eyes*

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Icons for[info]shipper20in20!
All the regular rules apply -- please don't steal, please credit when taking, please leave comments!

Roland/Martina (Impact)
Charles/Sebastian (Brideshead Revisited)
Will/Elizabeth (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Jake and Sadie (Impact)
Arkadi/Bazarov (Fathers and Sons)
Buffy/Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Kate/Sawyer (LOST)
Dolokhov/Anatole (War and Peace 2007 mini-series) <--- OTP
Polievsky/Tolstoy (Barber of Siberia) 
Anatole/Natasha (War and Peace 1956 US version)
Ivan/Katherine (Brothers Karamazov)
Onegin/Lensky (Eugene Onegin)

The rest be here under cut to save flist! )
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First of all, Happy New Year!


Not quite as many firsts this year as last year, but certainly a fruitful Yuletide it has been! My official assignment fic was the most read and I feel like this is the mostly because it is in a fandom that is not microscopic. Or rather, it is tiny, but anthropomorfic – especially of this sort – is not a canon that needs much acquainting with and most people are familiar with it on default anyways. I didn’t pinch hit this year but I did write one more fic than last year, had a larger cumulative word count (over 21k) and 3 of the 5 treats I wrote were full-length. Two of my full length treats were written for the same person who has not commented, I think they didn’t comment on their main fic either but did on a Madness treat. It’s ok, I’m not letting that get me down, especially since all fics have reviews!


So, stuff I wrote:



Under cut to save the flist. Everything from het to slash, from PG to R, from Russian Lit fandoms to Music fandoms to athropomorfic! )




As a final note I’d say that my love for Russian lit fandoms is unavoidable, I suppose, but thankfully there is such a thing as Yuletide where I can get a bunch of rare-fandom/Russian lit fandom love. One day, some wonderful person will write me that War and Peace fic (for anyone stalking around for NYRs, my birthday is on the 26th of February :p).


Well, another New Year and another Yuletide gone by. Like last year, I’m gonna start missing it very, very soon. A fantastic joy from everyone, thank you, Yuletiders, for being so awesome!


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Just one of those random Memes that was floating around somewhere. I pick these things up sometimes. I thought this would be fun, ended up with some insane parings that made me go O_O but if anyone wants to repeat this for the War and Peace and/or Harry Potter fandom, leave your results in a comment; I'm always looking for fic ideas/prompts ;)

-Pick a Fandom
-Write down 10 characters from Fandom
-For each paring make up a fic header (min: title, paring, summary, but other details encouraged)

1. Theodore
2. Anatole
3. Helene
4. Sonya
5. Natasha
6. Nikolai
7. Hippolyte
8. Vera
9. Petya
10. Pierre


1. 6/2
Title: Boys Night

Paring: Nikolai/Anatole

Summary: When Anatole comes to Moscow in the winter of ’06, Theodore introduces him to his new friend, Nikolai. The two really hit it off…


2. 3/4

Title: Dangerous Games

Paring: Helene/Sonya

Summary: Helene’s favorite game is seduction. Sonya is her biggest challenge yet.


3. 5/7

Title: Charmante

Paring: Natasha/Hippolyte

Summary: When Anatole says Natasha is irresistible, Hippolyte believes him.


4. 9/8

Title: An Education

Paring: Petya/Vera

Warning: Incest

Summary: Vera teaches her little brother about women.


5. 1/10

Title: Jealousy

Paring: Theodore/Pierre

Summary: “He is really handsome,” Pierre thinks of his wife’s lover. So, who is he jealous of anyway?


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I'm actually really surprised that I'm the only person who is offering Alexander Pushkin's Eugene Onegin (wiki article, online text) this year for Yuletide.

Basic storyline? Russia, 1820s-30s. Eugene Onegin, a wealthy Petersburg dandy utterly bored with life, inherits his uncle's country estate and goes to live there for some time. He befriends his neighbor, Vladimir Lensky who introduces Onegin to Olga and Tatiana Larin (his fiance and her sister). The dreamy and poetic Tatiana falls in love with Onegin and even goes as far as to write him a letter. But she's a simple country girl and he;s not interested and tells her so. Later, Lensky drags Onegin to Tatiana's name day party where Onegin is bored and uncomfortable under Tatiana's love-struck gaze. He flirts with Olga to rile Lensky up as a sort of revenge for dragging him to the affair. Lensky -- naive and childish as he is -- challenges Onegin to a duel. Let's just say it doesn't go well and Onegin leaves for Europe devastated. He returns to Petersburg 6 years later where to suddenly finds Tatiana -- married and in high society circles. This time around he's the one doing the chasing...

NOW. Aside from a nice love story and Pushkin's exquisite poetry (which is somewhat lost in translation, sadly) there is this whole Onegin and Lensjy thing. Boy!friendship or boy!love?

Excerpt 1 )

Excerpt 2 )

Excerpt 3 )

Excerpt 4 )

Their friendship, Vladimir's excessive jealousy when Onegin dances with Olga and the fact that he can forgive Olga but not Eugene, how remorseful Eugene is about the duel....there is this intense chemistry between them.

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Title: Our Beautiful Disaster
Author: [ profile] alley_skywalker
Pairing: Severus Snape/Evan Rosier
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death, Slash
Word Count: 7,163
Summary: Severus can’t let Evan go without saying goodbye.
Notes: Present time is intersected with flashbacks. The flashbacks’ formatting is the same as the formatting of the present time. This is done to best convey Severus’ sort of…hectic state of mind. Flashbacks are not in order chronologically. This is done for thematic reasons and because memories are usually not triggered in a chronological way but in an associative one. I’ve put dates, some more specific than others as needed, to help orient the episode in time. I hope it’s not too confusing!
Notes2: Written for the [ profile] hp_emofest 

Our Beautiful Disaster )


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