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So, if I had to change my (RL) name and it HAD to be an anagram of my current (RL) name, like for a pseudonym or stage name or something, the most coherent thing I could come up with -- given that I only thought about it for like 5 minutes -- is Alley Rosan Daxkott.
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Reading THSI NEWS STORY made me think...and rant and rage.
I think ALL PEOPLE are created equal. Not in the sense that all people are equally smart or talented or beautiful. But in the sense that all people are born with the same inherent rights. Among those rights, I believe is a right to respect. No person is born with a larger right for respect or with a right to more respect than anyone else.
I will NEVER voluntarily bow to anyone! It's humiliating and the British queen is in no way better than me or anyone else just because she was born into a specific family. I'm sorry but this makes me SO MAD >_>


May. 23rd, 2011 06:29 pm
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THESE PEOPLE  Thank you for existing, you are the hope and the light for Britain as far as I'm concerned :)
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I don't really understand how it is possible to be homoromantic asexual or heteroromantic asexual. Like, I understand homo/hetero-romantic bisexual (ie, I'm attracted to both but only form emotional/romantic connections with men/women). But asexual? I don't know, maybe because to me what separates a really close friendship and a healthy romantic relationship is the fact that there's a sexual component in the latter that there isn't in the former but...I feel like if you don't have sexual attractions to people, don't care about the sexual component (not limited to intercourse here but like kissing etc), then your feelings toward them are platonic which then makes it a friendship. Perhaps, with guys this seems problematic because OMG if two guys want to hug or be sweet with each other they HAVE to be gay. But I think this notion is socialized and internalized to the point were such an idea becomes natural but in fact I don't think that's true. I think straight guys act like they have no feelings because they think they HAVE to act that way to be manlystraight//whatever not because, given a different mindset, they would naturally avoid hugging their friends. Sorry if this sounds narrow-minded to someone, I'm not trying to offend anyone. Everyone can identify as whatever they feel most comfortable with but xxx-romantic asexual, the concept of it, seems kind of...paradoxical to me.


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