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Birthdate:Feb 26, 1991
Location:California, United States of America

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18th century, 18th century russia, 19th century, a hero of our time, aimeric, anakin skywalker, anakin/obi-wan, anatole kuragin, anatole/natasha, angst, antonin dolohov, antonin/bellatrix, armitage hux, arthur/merlin, asoiaf, benjamin sadler, brian/michael, brideshead revisited, brokeback mountain, campaigning, captive prince, catherine (2014), charles/sebastian, charlie/adam, classic lit, cosplay, courfius, cuthbert allgood, cuthbert/roland, danny/rafe, death eaters, dmitry/felix, dolokhov, dolokhov/anatole, dolokhov/helene, dolokhov/sonya, ekaterina, ekaterina: the rise of catherine the great, eugene onegin, europe, evan rosier, family!fic, fanart, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fanvids, first wizarding war, friendship!fic, game of thrones, gen, george/william, great comet, grigoriy r, harry potter, helene kuragin, henry/charles, historical rpf, history, htgawm, hurt/comfort, icons, jaime lannister, john/sherlock, jord/aimeic, juan borgia, ken duken, kylo/hux, kylux, law and order svu, les mis, les miserables, marius/courfeyrac, marius/eponine, merlin bbc, military uniforms, natasha pierre and the great comet of 1812, onegin/lensky, original fiction, paul i of russia, pearl harbor, period dramas, peter iii, peter iii of russia, politics, queer as folk, rare pairings, roland emerson, role playing, rping, russia, russian literature, sawyer/kate, severus/evan, sherlock bbc, slash, sleeping warrior, slytherin, small fandoms, sonya rostov, star wars, star wars sequel trilogy, stephen king, suits, teen wolf, the barber of siberia, the dark tower, the imitation game, the l word, the mighty ducks, traveling, ukraine, vidding, video editing, war and peace, writing, бедная настя, бис, война и мир, институт благородных девиц, федор долохов, хованский/маркин
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