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Day two and all caught up with [community profile] snowflake_challenge .

So, now we're supposed to rec a 3 (or more) fanworks, and we are urged to make them things that are not likely to receive lots of attention -- small fandoms, rare parings, new authors, etc. I decided, for the sake of the challenge, to step away from fic and rec three fanvids. These aren't the flashyest vids EVAH or anything, but they make me happy every single time.

В полшаге (Half a Step Away) by VlLensky
Bednaya Nastia (Poor Nastia) - Vladimir/Mikhail
It's simple but lovely and seeing these two slashed reminds me EXACTLY why I spent so much time watching this soap opera of a show -- the boys are beautiful and the vid does a great job in capturing their eternal angst.

With All of my Heart
by cffc
Brideshead Revisited - Charles/Sebastian.
This is one of my favorite, if not most favorite, Brideshead vids. It's simple but adorable and sweet and so true to these two and their obviously epic love :)

BIS by kzero666
Russian Pop RPF - Vlad/Dima
Basically slash for the duet BiS. They were pretty big in Russian RPF/RPS fandom a few years back, true, but they've gone quite after the group split up and, honestly, like no one knows about them in English Speaking fandom anyway lol. This video is the first vid I saw for these two and I think this has something to do with why I love it so much - first love and all that.

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I’ve been toying with the idea of an HP comm. focused on the First Wizarding War. This is probably brought on by the fact that I’m currently struggling to put together a FWW Death Eater focused vid.* Also, I’m selfish and want a comm featuring my fav time period in the HP fandom. It would also be really could if the comm got enough traffic to where we could run a prompt fest or an exchange (haha I wish)…



*Side Note: On there a team based game featuring the FWW. Order v Death Eaters. I’m, naturally, on the DE team. We’ve got fic writers and translators and artists and I’m the residing vidder. The hardest thing about making this vid, of course, is finding footage. Especially war/battle related things. I mean, I can cut bits and peaces from the HP films themselves but not much. The other kicker is that most movies (that I know of, and that’s not that much admittedly) don’t have their witches/wizards using wands which is very important for the HP world. SO if anyone knows any good movies/shows with usable footage….tell me! 



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