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Icons for[info]shipper20in20!
All the regular rules apply -- please don't steal, please credit when taking, please leave comments!

Roland/Martina (Impact)
Charles/Sebastian (Brideshead Revisited)
Will/Elizabeth (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Jake and Sadie (Impact)
Arkadi/Bazarov (Fathers and Sons)
Buffy/Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Kate/Sawyer (LOST)
Dolokhov/Anatole (War and Peace 2007 mini-series) <--- OTP
Polievsky/Tolstoy (Barber of Siberia) 
Anatole/Natasha (War and Peace 1956 US version)
Ivan/Katherine (Brothers Karamazov)
Onegin/Lensky (Eugene Onegin)

The rest be here under cut to save flist! )
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Less that 3 weeks of school left! YAY! …sort of… So many ppl that I know are graduating…it’s gonna be really sad. These ppl happen to include my favorite gay boy – yes I mean Tommy.



Anyways, I’ll try to go in order as I usually do when I have these long catch up updates.


Not much had happened actually during the first part of May, nothing memorable enough for me to remember anyways. However lately has been very exciting.


I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End when it first came out on Thursday, first showing! My first time at any kind of premiere for a film. I was in all black with a black scarf which had white skulls on it. Pretty sweet! It would be AMAZING to have gone to the Disneyland Red Carpet premier but by the time I found out they were selling tickets it was all sold out (typical) and then they cost WAY too much. I mean, O don’t have that kind of money and I doubt my mother would have agreed to pay for them. *sigh*


This is the initial review that I had posted at one of the POTC boards that I hang out at.




Now this review is no where near – complete I guess you could say – more like an “at a glance” review. I’ve come to terms with most issues that I had earlier on by now, though not all, and some of the latest 411 revealed about the Curse of the FD Captaincy has made me feel so much better and has overall improved my opinion of the movie. For anyone who hasn’t seen it – STAY AFTER CREDITS. It’s so very sweet, believe me.


I went to see Pirates again on Friday with a friend. We both squealed over Willie and it was just so much fun!


Saturday was also great. I went to a Star Wars con – and not JUST a con but C4! Sadly, I only got one day But even THAT was great, I can just imagine what it is like for those who get the full Celebration experience. 

My grandma from my dad’s side, my aunt, and cousin flew in from Moscow on Saturday as well. Exciting…but not necessarily in a good sense. Now I don’t mind my aunt but my cousin (he’s a little over three years younger than I) is bratty and annoying and I never former a very grandmother/granddaughter relationship with my dad’s mother. She’s…frustrating, lets just call it that. My mom doesn’t like her ether, and my dad has terrible relationship with his family…so yea I guess I get my attitude from the ‘rents. So when mom and I were driving back from C4 we didn’t really wanna go home to the relatives so we stopped at Natasha’s house (she’s my moms BFF, she like an aunt to me) and hung out there for an hour. Then we went driving around tow while listening to a CD I found in the car (a burned copy of one of my kinda-good CDs) and singing along, with the volume turned up really high, Lol. Ok, so our intentions might have not been too nice but hey at least I got some bonding time with my mom. We were laughing all the time about our reluctance to go home. Lol.

It's really late so more tomorrow (hopefully).
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WARNING: Sparrow  fans should procesde w/ caution. I don't like him nor do I suport the ridiculous idea of Sparrabeth. There will be no pointless bashing BUT I felt it would only polite to warn you...

WARNING 2: Spoilers for POTC 3 may follow. Procede w/ caution if you wish to remain spoiler free.



Hmmm...I'm tired right now and I really should go finish my math HW. I'll probably continue at a later date...



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